When you welcome little steps in your home then surely you feel like to do extra ordinary things for them. You feel like to enjoy every moment with your kid. You leave no stone unturned in making his childhood memorable. One of the amazing things which you can do for your kid now is the new born photography. It is the most beautiful gift for your kids, when they grow up they get to see their pictures when they were just few months old.

When you think of hiring a photographer, there are few things which you need to know about a new born photography. Photoshoot 1 year old kid is entirely different from doing the photoshoot of a little baby who is just few months old so yes you have to take extra care.

Lifestyle photography is rally different from the other photography. A photographer has to create a natural environment for your kid so that it feels like you have done the shooting in the arms of Mother Nature. Another thing is that you need to keep in mind the comfort of the kid, you need to make sure that whatever props you are making, and it doesn’t make a kid feel uncomfortable in any way.

Before hiring a photographer, you need to check few things which are:

You need to make sure that the photographer has a valid insurance or not

You need to ask the photographer that how many babies he has captured, especially ask really clearly about the new born photography he has done

You need to ask the photographers; does he use the glass container in the newborn photography?

There are some photographers who use glass container in the new born photography well it is surely a really bad thing because you are putting your little baby into danger, you should not do that, anything which can harm baby should be avoided during the photoshoot. One thing you need to understand is that your pictures doesn’t matter, the safety of your baby matters a lot. Don’t ever allow a photographer to use any foolish prop which can harm baby in any way!


One thing which you cannot miss on is the portfolio of the photographer, do check the portfolio of the photographer, it will tell you about his professionalism. If the portfolio is good then surely you can expect the best from that photographer. If you want to know about some of the best photographers then visit website.