A team leader plays a major role in a business’ operations. They are the ones who lead the team and ensure that every aspect of the business is in its proper place. They serve as the point of contact and middle man between the organization and the lower management.


Given the importance of their role, you need to ensure that person who will handle this job possessed the right kind of skills to qualify. If you are training the next team leader in line, be sure that they possess the following traits:


  1. Excellent project management skills


Project management is important when you are handling leadership positions like supervisors and team leaders. Most of them will be in-charge of handling project and other company initiatives. It is a must that they possess characteristics that will enable them to handle projects and accomplish the tasks relayed by the upper management. Enrolling them in management training courses in UAE would help enhance their project management skills.


  1. People-handling skills


Supervisors will be handling people and managing their tasks. They will be tasked to monitor the performance of each people on their team and ensure that they are performing at their optimal level. Hence, it imperative for the team leader to know how to motivate their people to work for the better. They also need to know how to deal with different kinds of personalities to understand the attitude and psyche of their teammates.


  1. Crisis and conflict management


Conflict is part of the territory when you are a manager or a supervisor, but the way you will handle the situation will make you an outstanding leader. Be sure that the person you will choose to handle the job knows how to resolve issues creatively and in a timely fashion. He/she should know how to determine the root cause of the problem and look at the situation in different perspectives to create an objective and unbiased decision.


  1. Time management


In business, time equates to money. As a manager or team leader, you need to ensure that every task is done and accomplished on time to avoid delays and failure in service delivery. They should be able to plot out activities that can lessen delays in output production. Training in time management would help them to be keener in managing their time and of their team mates.


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