Kids today are being rear not just to get a job but also to be internationally-competitive so they can thrive excellently later in life. Globally-ready kids are given more importance as they have skills that gives them edge over others who are not trained in international-setting. And as parent, we want your kids to have such achievement.

If you are interested on raising a globally-ready kid, then these tips might help you:

  • Look for a school that offers international-based curriculum

To start with, you need to find a nursery in Dubai International City that offers international-based curriculum to students, even for toddlers. This would help you with the groundwork on opening your kid’s mind to a global mindset. Moreover, the curriculum should also encourage activities that promotes cultural learning. By knowing other cultures, kids would get interested on learning other beliefs other than their own and would pique their interest about other places.

  • Raise awareness at home


Apart from the school, the main place where kids will learn is at home. So be sure that you are properly setting the groundwork on your residence to open their minds to the world. Your actions should reflect what you want them to learn and your attitude should imbibe openness to ideas and beliefs. With this, your kid’s thinking would be more open to other belief. For new parents, it might be a little difficult to set this up. But you need outmost patience on teaching your kids to be globally-ready.


  • Take them to travel adventures


Classroom is just one place they can learn about other culture – that is through books and visual aids. But learning it through experience might be better. Take your kids to your travel adventures and trips. Being outdoors would give them the ultimate understanding of experiencing other cultures. They would personally see the attractions and learn more about the history of the place while you are at it. Every once in a while, set a trip overseas so they will be thoroughly exposed to other cultures.


  • Teach them other languages


Another way to teach your kids to be globally-ready is to interest them with other language other than your mother tongue. But do not force it to them as they might refuse it and lost interest. Find a creative way that would pique their interest on other languages, like through foreign movies or setting up food parties featuring foreign dishes.


  • Have them interact with other kids


Globally-ready kids are very confident interacting with other people. It is because of their openness to other cultures. The best nurseries in Al Ain encourage their students to interact with other students, especially the foreign ones. This is for them to be more comfortable to deal with all kinds of people and personalities. Do the same with your kids. Let them play with toddlers their own age so they can be more sociable and open to others.