For those who don’t know, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most efficient systems that have ever been created for self-defence purposes. Although it is a form of martial arts, it is different in the sense that it lays an emphasis on fighting on the ground instead of doing so in the standing position.

During a session, once you hit the ground, the aim is set for you to gain control of the body movements of your opponent. While doing so, you must make every attempt possible to maneuver yourself to the point that you get into a more so dominant and superior position. The different techniques that you can use for this purpose include grappling, sparring and rolling, all of which can be used to gain a bit of a physical advantage over your opponent. It is necessary for these techniques to be used in such a manner that the opponent has no way out except to simply just surrender.

Philosophy and history

As a form of self-defense, there is an entire ideology and philosophy behind Brazilian jiu jitsu in Dubai. The philosophy is that people who are under attack by someone that has a much larger frame must have the skills required to be in the defensive position.

In terms of its history, Brazilian jiu jitsu initially came into being back in the 1900’s. It was derived out of the Japanese Jiu Jitsu family that was basically known as a martial art focused on a more self-defense, street style type approach. The martial art was basically adapted by the people of Brazil with the help of Esai Maeda, who was a former JJJ champion and master. It was due to his teachings that were adapted by the locals that the base for Brazilian jiu jitsu was set. With the passage of time, it has gained such immense popularity that most self-defense and cross fit Dubai classes are now offering classes for it too.

If you consider the philosophy behind this particular form of martial art, then it will be clear how important it is for not just men, but children and women to enroll in jiu jitsu classes as well. Remember, no matter how big you are, there will always be someone bigger and stronger than you, which is why it is extremely important for you to learn how to tackle someone who has a bigger physique than yours.