In an event, food and beverages plays an important factor. It can be a deciding factor whether the event is successful or not, and it can reflect on your ability to mount any event. This is why event planners and organizers are always scouting for the best catering companies in Abu Dhabi to serve as their partner on serving the best dishes and ensuring that the guests are full and satisfied.

But looking for one can be tricky, and if you are task on planning an event, here is a quick and simple guide on choosing the best caterer for your shindig.

  • Food presentation and quality


The first thing that you need to check is the quality of food that the catering company is serving. Usually, catering companies offer food tasting to clients and prospective organizers and partners. Take this opportunity and attend food-tasting invitations. If you are not sure about the judgment of your taste buds, bring someone knowledgeable with you that can check the quality, taste, texture, etc.


Of course, the look and presentation of the food should be taken into consideration since it will bring a good impression to the guests and people who will eat it. Check if the food presentation and plating is clean but also looks god enough to eat.


  • Can cater to any types of events


Events vary depending on the clients and organizers. There are organizers who are accepting all kind of events but there are some who specializes in specific events. Regardless, the caterer should be able to serve and handle any kinds of events and bring different mouth-watering dishes per event. Variety is important since the clients are always looking for something new.


  • Flexible and can handle special requirements


Aside from variety in dishes, the caterer should be able to handle special request from the client. For example, aside from the usual dishes, the client requested for additional dishes to serve a specific set of guests. The caterer should be able to grant these kinds of request to show that they are flexible enough to handle client’s preferences.


  • Has an excellent service staff


Apart from the food, the catering company should have competent staff on their team – from the kitchen staff down to the service crew. A high level of professionalism should always be displayed, especially the ones working on the field.


  • Transparent contract and agreement


There are moments when confusion and contention arise due to vague contracts and agreement. Before signing a contract, peruse the stipulations thoroughly. Check the terms and conditions, payment schemes, cancellation policies and refund process to know if it fits your event requirement. Ask all possible questions you need to ask to clarify things.

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