Do you find yourself covering your mouth each time that you smile in front of someone? Are you embarrassed by smiling in public because you have an ugly-looking gap between your front teeth? Do you have losing, broken or damaged teeth and have no idea how to get it fixed? Well, it appears to be like you need to have to get a dental implant.

In the past, people with losing or damaged teeth had no other option but to live with the poor dental framework. But things have changed now and you can get the grin that you have always imagined about, and it is all because of cosmetic dentistry procedures available at the best orthodontist in Dubai. Cosmetic dental care is the division of dental care covering all dental techniques and operations, including white teeth fillings and dental improvements, that are not totally necessary for dental well-being, but to enhance the visual appeal.

Dental implants are one among the most impressive techniques and procedures that has been developed in the dental care field. Often considered as the most foreseeable and natural form of teeth alternative, a dental implant is a synthetic tooth mainly designed to provide a base for alternative teeth or bridges that look, feel, and operate like natural teeth.

The need of artificial roots and prosthetic teeth to be inserted depends on your overall oral health condition that includes the number of teeth that have gone missing, quantity as well as the quality of the bone and the type of implant chosen. For instance, if just a single tooth is missing, your periodontist or dentist can replace it with one implant and a crown, while for the several missing teeth implant-supported bridges or dental veneers Dubai can be used.

Likewise, if you have no natural teeth at all in your mouth, an implant-supported full bridge placed by a dentist can help you restore your grin. In terms of inadequate quantity and quality of jawbone, sinus augmentation, also known as a sinus graft, can help correct this problem. With the latest advances in dental implantation technology and techniques, the process has become popular. However, as is the situation with any surgery, teeth implants do come with some advantages and drawbacks. So, before deciding on dental improvements, you need to consider both of them.

Pros of dental implants

  • Implants look, work and feel like your own teeth.
  • They help in fixing up your self-confidence and youthful appearance.
  • Implants give you dazzling, most natural-looking new teeth without impacting nearby healthy teeth.
  • Since they incorporate into the framework of your jaw bone, they provide a lasting base to prosthetic teeth and veneers that will last a lifetime even after you opt for teeth whitening.

Cons of dental implants

  • Since dental implants require a surgery, problems and risks are unavoidable.
  • Serious discomfort, swelling, and discoloration can occur at the implant site.