Your home is the safe haven of your family. It is the place where you gather, bond, and take rest. But sometimes, your haven can be invaded by individuals who have malicious intent. If not protected, it might cause your family harm. Which is why having a full-coverage CCTV and alarm system is a must for your home and it should be installed on strategic locations to ensure full coverage.

If you are planning on installing security cameras in your residence, here are some areas that you need to consider, according to trusted cctv company in uae.

Backyard and Driveway

If you are inside your home, it is quite hard for you to see the whole backyard and driveway since our vision has limited perspective. And these outer locations are usually the entry point of burglars and intruders. Keep tabs on these location by installing at least three CCTV cameras on your yard and driveway. Put it in a discreet location and not in plain sight. Once the intruders see the security cameras, they might find other entry points that don’t have CCTV cameras.

Home Entrance

Another obvious entry points in your residence are the front and back doors. And some homeowners have this habit of answering the door without even knowing who it was. Having CCTV cameras on these locations would help deter intruders from entering your home as you can immediately see the people on these entry points.

Rear windows

Rear windows is one of the favorite entry points of intruders since it is mostly open and unsupervised. They can easily slip right through the window and enter your residence without notice. By placing a CCTV camera on your rear windows, you can immediately see if there are any intruders trying to break in through the windows and deter them from entering your space.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest area in your home and also one of the accident-prone areas in your residence. In some homes, the kitchen is places on the back of the house, away from the living room to prevent the smoke spreading from other parts of the house. This would mean that homeowners have less eyes on this location, especially if they are not on the kitchen. Be sure to monitor this space by installing security camera. You will be able to see what is happening in the kitchen even if you are not there and you will be able to get immediate help if something unfortunate happens.

Nursery & kids’ room

Most moms today are quite keen on installing CCTV cameras on their kids’ bedroom and playroom to monitor their safety and their activities. Kids and toddlers are unruly which sometimes can lead to accidents. With a security camera, parents can have a watchful eye on their little ones and know if they are in danger or not at all times.

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