Valet parking is very common in Dubai and lots of people park their vehicles, like at a mall, hotel, hospital, or some other place. People often go for valet parking without knowing the background of a valet parking company. What if you park the car and something goes wrong, so better choose the parking place wisely.  There are different types of valet parking companies in Dubai, but do they offer what they commit?  You must be aware of your rights in Dubai for valet parking so that you can claim against the company if any damage happens to your vehicle. You as a car owner make a contract with the valet company. You can also see the terms and conditions written on the valet ticket but read them carefully to see if they are suitable.

You must know what to do if you get your car back with damage. If the damage is small, you must talk to the valet company because in most of the cases the valet company resolves the issue. If the company does not admit its fault, you can file a complaint with the local police department. You as a car owner should keep the valet ticket as a proof that you got the valet parking. You can ask for compensation if the valet driver intentionally damaged your vehicle. It becomes easy to settle a dispute if the valet company has an insurance policy because you can claim a coverage. The best thing to avoid any bad scenario is to choose a valet company carefully that has honest drivers.

Sometimes, you also notice the signs of a ride. When your car returns from a valet parking with added kilometers it shows that the driver had a joyride and that is illegal. There are certain laws in Dubai that allow the car owners to file a case against the valet driver. But, the genuine valet companies hire their drivers after observing their background and choose only genuine people.  Several car companies also get a valet parking near airports. Dubai airport transfers are possible due cabs or private car companies. There are also passengers who park their cars at the airport so they can use them after getting back from their tour. A valet parking is the best solution for such passengers who don’t want to hire a cab or shuttle. Whatever reasons you need the valet parking in Dubai; choose a valet parking company with a sound background.