An event organizer is responsible for making any event assigned to them a success – from the set up to the egress. They are the ones who scout for suppliers, including catering services. Every organizer knows how important food is on any event. It is an event attraction, next to the event activities.

This is why it is a must that organizers pick the right food catering in Dubai partner that will provide them an array of sumptuous dishes – from the appetizers to the beverages. Looking for the right one can be a bit tricky, but here are some tips to lessen the catering-scouting stress:

  • Ask for referrals

Every event organizer has a network of suppliers that they can contact in-case they need something for their event. Sometimes, having more than one contact for each services is good, especially when it comes to food. So when you are in need of new food catering contact, you can simply ask your co-organizers for catering referrals. The will probably give you list of their trusted caterers you can choose from.


  • Attend food and event fairs

Food and event fairs are full of aspiring and experienced caterers who are trying to connect and partner with an awesome event organizers to help them with their food and catering needs. The good thing about the fair is that you can personally taste their signature dishes on site.


  • Check out the kind of events they are servicing

Caterers have a certain kind or type of event they would like to service. For example, they specializes on weddings, etc. It is good that you have a catering partner for a certain event but it would be better if they can service any type of event. This would show their flexibility and openness to other clients.


  • Schedule for food tasting appointment

If you want to get to know your caterer in a deeper level, it would best to set a food tasting appointment with them and see what they can offer to you, not just about the food but the services. You can take note of the service team (waiters, ushers, etc.) and how they conduct during an event.

  • Go for a test run

The interview and the food tasting is just a presentation, it would be best to test them on a real event. If you have small to moderate events on your pipeline, put your prospective caterer to test and see how they perform. Judge the way they prepare and handle food and how fast they attend to a guest’s needs.

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