For companies, businesses, and marketing experts, a solid customer database can give them an edge over their competitors. With a solid list of potential customers, they can easily spread the word about their brand with the right audience.

But growing your database is not an easy job and also a tricky business. You need to know how to lure in potential buyers to sign in and be part of your list. If you are planning on increase your customer database, here are some effective ways to do it:

  • Make it fun and engaging

You need to remember that potential buyers and customers will not just go to you and give their email addresses and contact details. The truth is, you need to earn it. You can do this by creating fun activities and engaging contests to help attract their attention and hand their contact details. Running a campaign on your social media pages and website would definitely increase your database.

  • Offer something of value

Equivalent exchange is one way to get your target audiences’ contact details. By giving about novelty items and promotional gifts in exchange of their email address, you can surely add some more on your customer database. But be sure to provide them something valuable, and not just some run-on-the-mill corporate gifts.

  • Optimize your social media pages

Social media followers are considered valuable audience and their likes and following can help grow your brand. To encourage other people to join in your community, optimize your social media platforms. Be sure to put call to action links, buttons, and words. This would guide potential likers on how they can join your community. Also, be sure to supply your pages with valuable content to engage the audience.

  • Try traditional marketing with a twist

Some people think that joining trade shows is passé and obsolete. But it can still yield some result if you put some twist into it. For instance, putting or using a modern photo booth that is connected to your other marketing efforts, preferably digital, would attract attention and get a contact details at the same time.

  • Use QR codes

QR codes are not just a fancy graphics to make your brand cool. It has a purpose. You can use this to redirect potential clients to your page and social media account for a possible sales or exchange of contact details.

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