Many people do figure skating and enjoy the time but do you there are many benefits of doing figure skating. The top seven advantages of figure skating are:

  1. Healthy muscles and joints: Skating demands you use all of your muscles and joints and the more you use them, the healthier they will be. Your muscles will become more flexible that would increase cardiovascular health and make the heart strong.
  2. Ideal weight: Skating gives you ground to shed fat and calories; therefore, you will attain ideal weight and physique and it is good for health to have ideal weight according to height and shape.
  3. Improved coordination: Skating demands you to jump or lift your weight on one leg or lift one leg over your head; therefore, it would help you to learn to manage your weight and coordinate with it. It will help you to learn to balance your body.
  4. Improvement in psychological health: Skating is another form of exercise. Doing another sort of work will make you feel that you have done something productive. Therefore, endorphins and happy hormones will release that will help you to feel good and happy.
  5. Mental health: Skating improves mental health as well. It keeps your neural wiring active and gives another neural pathway to think and do work. That’s the reason why scientists say to do exercise daily and skating is the best exercise to increase neurogenesis. 
  6. Social intelligence: You do not skate alone an academy. There will be other students and participants as well to practice with you. At many times you have to communicate with them and talk to them according to their temperament. This will increase or improve your social intelligence. 
  7. Boost confidence: Learning another skill produce self-belief on yourself that you can do something and be good at it. Trusting on yourself is a synonym of confidence. Seeing yourself surfing, jumping and snipping in the rink alone or with team members boost confidence that you are getting better and when you perform in front of public it will bring a smile and let you be yourself once you come in rhythm in your ballet shoes and figure skating dress competition.

So, these are the top seven benefits of figure skating. Figure skating is one of the most difficult sport. Therefore, it is important to start practising for it from teen life.