You must have heard the word renewable energy resources; if you try to recall it then surely you have heard it in your 3rd or 4th grade. Well if you think that you have forgotten about it then you don’t need to worry, now is the time to get some information related to it again.

Renewable energy in UAE is of much importance, basically renewable energy resources are those that we get from the earth or due to some motion. Renewable energy resources are completely different form the energy resources we consume right now, mostly we depend on the fossil fuel. But you have no clue that the fossil fuel is so harmful for the earth, it takes thousands of years for the earth to filter the CO2 and put that again in the soil.

Here you will get to know about some of the easily available renewable resources:

Solar energy

Solar energy is the best form of renewable energy which is always there for you. You can use it really easily to generate electricity. You are aware of the fact that organisms get their energy from the sun. Sun is always there for you and can give you limitless energy. Nowadays many people depend on the solar energy. Specially if you talk about China and Japan then they are so much into solar energy, they know that the cost of fossil fuel is not only high but it is really harmful for the earth; that’s why they use solar energy to generate electricity.

But yes there is a thing, solar energy though is always available but the cost of getting a solar energy system is really high, not everybody can afford it. Though it reduces the bill of electricity but still you have to pay high price for buying solar energy system.

Water power!

One thing which comes to the mind after hearing water power is the hydro electric energy. Yes now you can generate electricity from water. Basically dams are built to get the energy from water, if you think that water is not a renewable resource then you are wrong, as long as it doesn’t stop raining there is no chance of shortage of this resource.

People mostly depend on solar equipment in Dubai because of the shortage of water. Well those countries that are not surrounded by water depend on the fossil fuel or on the solar energy to generate electricity.