If you’re a usual visitor of UAE, it would be common for you to hire a Porsche car in Dubai for the round of the town. In Dubai, you’re blending your personality within the beauty of luxury cars every second, but ever thought of how cars with the crown of opulence are manufactured? Even luxury cars rental in Dubai beside the base of every next skyscraper might not be able to help you. Well, now you will surprisingly realize facts about what you never knew of.

It usually takes three to five years from the start to assemble for a new car model to be launched. Ideas are developed for new models to respond to unmet pubic requirements and preferences. Trying to predict in five years what the general public wants to drive is no small thing, but car companies have successfully built vehicles that suit consumer tastes. The designers create simple concept drawings using computer-aided design equipment to help them envision the appearance of the vehicle. We then create clay models that are analyzed by fashion experts who know what the public will tolerate based on this simulation.

The automotive assembly plant is the final phase in the automotive cycle, since the components supplied by more than 4,000 foreign suppliers, including suppliers of parts owned by companies, are assembled for assembly, typically by truck or railway. The parts which are used in the chassis are supplied in one area, while the parts comprising the body are discharged in another area.

The standard car or truck is built up (and out) from the ground. The frame forms the basis on which the body is based and from which all subsequent components are connected. To order to prevent changes when moving down the line, the frame is placed on the mounting line and clamped to the conveyer. The car frame from here is moved to the assembly area where complete front and rear suspensions, gas tanks, rear axles, drive shafts, gear boxes, steering panels, wheel drums and braking systems are installed sequentially.

In general, a flooring is the largest component in the body that is ultimately welded or bolted by a multitude of panels and braces. The coating of the vehicle is constructed when moving along the assembly line held in place by the fasteners. First of all, the left and right quarter panels were robot-dismantled and put into a floor panel with the positioning devices stabilized and welded.

At other locations, all materials entering the vehicle are assembled. It ensures that the thousands of components in the car must be manufactured, tested, assembled and sent to the assembly plants on the same day.